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Sleepers - Treated CCA H4

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Internet prices will only apply to orders placed via our online store.

  • These Treated Pine Sleepers are a superior grade and are suitable for structural retaining walls
  • Treated Pine Sleepers are also used for Garden Edging, garden steps and fence posts
  • the log factory stocks the largest range of sleeper sizes.
  • CCA Treated Pine Sleepers are proven safe and reliable for over 50 years
  • For Arsenic free - ACQ sleepers click
  • For budget priced IRONwood sleepers click
  • Buy Treated Pine Sleepers by the pack rate & save


    Please select from the products below (ALL PRICES INCLUDE GST)
    DescriptionPriceQtyIn Stock
    Sleeper 150x50x2.4m.(.0-39 pieces)...each$11.35
    Sleeper 150x50x2.4m (40+Pieces)..each$10.75
    Sleeper 150x50x3.0m (0_39 Pieces)...each$15.82
    Sleeper 150x50x3.0m (40+Pieces)..each$15.35
    Sleeper 150x75x2.4m....each$18.54
    Sleeper 150x100x1.8m....each$19.54
    Sleeper 150x100x2.4m....each$22.11
    Sleeper 150x100x2.4m....Pack24$526.01
    Sleeper 200x50x2.4m.(0-29Pieces)...each$13.75
    Sleeper 200x50x2.4m.(30+Pieces)..each$13.04
    Sleeper 200x50x3.0m (0-29 Pieces)...each$19.18
    Sleeper 200x50x3.0m (30+Pieces)..each$18.73
    Sleeper 200x75x2.4m (0-19 Pieces)...each$21.88
    Sleeper 200x75x2.4m (20+ Pieces)..each$21.50
    Sleeper 200x75x3.0m....each$30.53
    Sleeper 200x75x3.0m....Pack 25$697.11
    Sleeper 200x100x2.4m....each$30.41
    Sleeper 200x100x2.4m....Pack20$596.64
    Sleeper 200x100x3.0m....ea$39.84
    Sleeper 200x100x3.0m....Pack20$762.82

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