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Decking & Screening
Aust Hardwood Deck & Screen
Merbau Decking & Screen
Treated Decking Store Grade
Treated Decking STD Grade
Treated Decking PREMIUM* Grade
Treated Pine Screening Products
Fencing - Paling & Picket
Paling Fence - Treated Pine
Paling Fence - Steel posts
Paling Fence - Hardwood
Picket Fence - Treated Pine
Fencing - Rural Post and Rail
Rural Post and Rail Fence - Round Posts
Rural Post and Rail Fence - Square Posts
Horse Fencing- Round Posts with Steel Rails
Rural Post and Rail Fence - Hardwood
Garden Edge & Pegs
Handrail-Treated Pine
66 x 30mm Base Rail
66 x 42mm Handrail
88 x 42mm Handrail
Cement Mix
Coach Screw /MasonryBolt
Bugle/HexHead /DeckScrew
Decking Oil & Reseal
Post Supports
Hardwood- Australian
Hardwood Sawn Timber
Hardwood Sawn Posts
Hardwood- Asian
Merbau Posts
Merbau Timber
Logs + Slabs + Wing Splits
Logs Premium Round
Logs Rural Round
Half Logs
Wing Splits
Merbau Hardwood
Sleepers -Treated Pine
Sleepers - Treated CCA H4
Sleepers -ACQ (Arsenic Free)
Sleepers - Budget
Sleepers-Bevelled Edge
Treated Pine CCA & ACQ
42 x 21mm DAR
45 x 35mm & 42x32mmDAR
70 x 20mm DAR
70 x 35mm F7 Treated H3
70 x 45mm F7 Treated H3
70 x 70mm
90 x 20mm DAR
90 x 35mm F7 Treated H3
90 x 45mm F7 Treated H3
90 x 70mm F7 Treated H4
90 x 90mm F7 Treated H4
140x19mm DAR
140 x 35mm F7 Treated H3
140 x 45mm F7 Treated H3
140 x 70mm F7 Treated H3-H4
190 x 35mm F7 Treated H3
190 x 45mm F7 Treated H3
190 x 70mm F7 Treated H3-H4
240 x 45mm F5- F7 Treated H3
290 x 45mm F5- F7 Treated H3
Treated Pine Sawn H4
Treated FJ Primed Design Pine
31 x 31mm Treated H3
42 x 19mm Treated H3
42 x 32mm Treated H3
42 x 42mm Treated H3
66 x 19mm Treated H3
66 x 31mm Treated H3
66 x 42mm Treated H3
88 x 19mm Treated H3
88 x 31mm Treated H3
88 x 42mm Treated H3
88 x 88mm Treated H3
112 x112mm FJP H3
138x19mm Treated H3
185x19mm Treated H3
240 x 45mm Treated H3
290 x 45mm Treated H3
      $45 DELIVERY
• Delivery to most areas $45
• Incl Northern Sydney suburbs and Central coast
• Additional delivery fees may apply for Newcastle and Lower Hunter
• Next day delivery available if required
• Check Our Delivery Area


Modwood Decking Clone
•10 year warranty
•140x19mm from $9.20/m
•Two colours

Products & Prices

     Choose from our large range of timber products

  • We specialise in exterior use timbers such as Hardwoods and treated pine
  • Pick up prices from the Yard may be more expensive. Please call to confirm

     Important notes about product quality

  • Our objective is to always supply the best timber available
  • We selectively discard timber that we think is unusable, but some knots will naturally occur. Treated Pine will sometimes vary in finished size by up to 2½ %
  • We aim to supply Australian grown, Australian produced and Australian owned timber.


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